Lulu Faye was our silver lining to COVID. While it took a little time to adjust to the hubbub of life with kids, she adapted and is now part of the family. She loves to catch snowballs in her mouth, wade in the water, and relax on “her” couch. She rapidly became our cuddle dog and our boys refer to her as a therapy dog. She is so calm and sweet. We couldn’t imagine life without her. We are so grateful to CVCR for bringing her into our lives and completing our family.

Kristen Lulu's Family

Martha was a backyard breeder in Georgia who was heart-worm positive and had a long-list of medical problems. I still remember Tammy sending me an email that said "I'd love to save this one...". Every picture of her in the email had a blurred tail from her wagging. People always ask me how I can foster and "let them go". Most of the time I can, but Martha had me at 'Hello'. I am so grateful that CVCR brought Martha into my life. She is a one-of-a-kind very special animal who loves every human being and animal she meets.

Amelia Martha's Family

Thanks to CVCR we have built our perfect fur family! We love fostering (and occasionally adopting) sweet mamas that were used for breeding. They’re always so loving and grateful to have a family & home. All of our humans are grateful for Louise & Liberty and our latest CVCR kittens Jeffrey & Jimmy who are fitting in nicely!

Pitone Family

Our daughter asked if we wanted to foster a sweet mama dog who was being retired from breeding. We said yes, instantly fell in love and adopted a dog that we didn’t know we wanted! We’re in our seventies and Daisy turned out to be just what we needed to get outside more, meet neighbors and have a higher quality of life. We’re so happy she found us! -Bill & Sandy

Coe Family

We adopted "Tara" (now Bailey) a couple of months ago. We LOVE her! She is so sweet and smart. We started puppy classes last week. While she may not be food motivated, she likes her crate and man she likes to snuggle! Our experience getting her spayed in Waitsfield was dynamite. They were so kind. It has been a terrific experience, and I would recommend your organization to anyone looking for a puppy friend!

Michelle Bailey's Family

Olive is 14 and living the good life. She comes to work every day and is quite popular there. She is in awesome health and still runs around like a pup some days. I will always remember the day I met her when she climbed into my lap and licked my chin and let me rub her belly. She’s never done that’s since!

Dora Olive's family

We are proud to have such happy stories about the dogs we have placed in forever homes. We value each story and would like to hear yours too. Send us your story and a photo of your dog. We’d love to add it to our list of success stories.

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